Beta signup!

We plan to start a closed beta for PC and iOS this spring. We will invite a limited number of players - so register early!


REDUX is a beautiful action/exploration game for multiple platforms, and the game is developed by the Norwegian indie studio Hyper Games. Exploration, combat and survival are key elements of REDUX, and it's set on the beautiful and procedurally generated planet of Gemina.

You are on an interstellar mission to collect plants and animals in order to restore Earth's collapsed eco system. After a fatal crash landing, your mission is to repair the vessel and find specific creatures and plants to bring with you back to Earth.

We plan to release the game for PC and mobile late 2016. If you want to give it a go before that - make sure to sign up for beta testing!


In year 2039 the last bee died, starting a fatal chain reaction. 200 years later, all hope seemed lost. Earth was doomed, and only the rich could afford to evacuate. But then we discover the planet Gemina.

In a last desperate mission, we traveled there to collect animals, plants and other organic matter in an attempt to restore life back on Earth.

As the vessel reached the atmosphere of Gemina - we lost control and went in for a crash landing. Parts of the ship are now scattered across a vast unknown area. Poisonous plants and deadly predators pose a great danger, and I’m getting a feeling we’re not the first intelligent beings on this planet.

If we don’t manage to find all parts to fix our space craft, and bring back the necessary plants and animals – Earth will die with us.


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